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How gogofit works

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Once you have signed up you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire, which will collect your data and help us match you with a suitable list of potential trainers based on your criteria. You can still manually search for trainers in your area by requirements.

Choose A Trainer

When looking for a trainer which matches your criteria, you will then be able to book slots via your trainers profile. On your trainers profile you will be able to access features such as, cost per session, availability & recent verified reviews. You will also be able to buy meal plans and other add-ons sold by your trainer.

Booking Sessions

You will be able to book sessions via your trainers profile. Sessions can be carried out remotely via video link through the website. Once the session has finished payment will be charged based on the advertised trainers fees. Once you have completed a session you will be able to verify your trainer.